Thursday, April 13, 2006

[Cyclelicious] 4/13/2006 03:38:15 PM

hey, thanks!

i built it just as i wanted it and i really have loved riding it.

this is my favorite photo of that bike and the rest of the photos of that bike can be found here.

(i went through the trouble of finding the perfect pink and red things so i like to show it off.)

as for the website, i miss this community a lot. i was sad to leave point83 behind but also eager to start something new and awesome in san francisco. when i arrived i did much research and found mainly the following:

-unorganized sub-groups of bikeforum
-fixed gear people on myspace
-super snobby fixed messengers
-gay/lesbian group
-squid racer group(s)

i think there should be a specific forum online and group in real life for people who simply like bikes and bike people, who aren't snobby, and mainly reside in san francisco.

Posted by Kori to Cyclelicious at 4/13/2006 03:38:15 PM