Sunday, July 02, 2006

[Cyclelicious] 7/02/2006 08:18:25 AM

I am responding to the unsigned editorial regarding my objection to John Forester being given a LAB award. The editor can apprently read minds. He (or she) claims that my objection to this award is because I personally do not like Forester. I have no personal feelings toward Forester one way or the other - in spite of the years of personal attacks he has launched against me.My problem with Forester is that he has pushed the use of roadways instead of bikepaths for cycle travel. While a good rider may be perfectly at ease on a road with traffic the 80 year old grandmother may not be. As a result of Foresters ridiculous stance on this issue, funding has been cut for designated bike paths and bike lanes. It is hard enough to get the funding we need for these projects without some "award winning LAB" person actively fighting against designated bike lanes and paths.
Remember this is the individual who under oath in a court of law blamed the bike industry for the failure of a cyclist to have a headlight on his bike at night. Forester's opinion for the Plaintiff resulted in a 8 million dollar verdict against Derby-who was my client at the time.LAB and the cycling public doesn't need this person further propped up by some LAb award or Board seat.
Jim Green

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