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Thanks for posting this link. I would like to address Anonymous, time stamped 11/30/2007 10:03:00 AM remarks:

> presentations ...

Excuse me where do you live? All vehicle operators are responsible to "exercise duty of care" to others on the road. A sound grounding in vehicular cycling help the cyclist know where and how to drive and anticipate, prevent others ignorance or irresponsibility!

> notice how each of these critical areas are labeled "under development".

How about looking at Richard Moeur's "Bicycle Facility Design" for an expanded looked.

> the group has a clear and obvious bias against separated bike lanes which can be very beneficial as proven around the world.

The presentations is are unfair, they clarifies the weakness of special facilities, i.e. bike lanes, whose benefits are dubious. My Local EMS service counted 19 bike accident in four years, over half (10) we're on a multi-use path (aka bike path). Thanks so much for bicycle friendly facility! A vehicular [educated] cyclist can adapt to any situation or road.

> presentations typically are from the perspective of an adult and ignore the needs of young children and older adults.

Young children need good role models [parents] to learn how ride a bike and I don't see any problems with older adults, except breaking old habits and disarming fears. Chris Quints' "A Kid's Eye View: Bicycle Safety for Parents from a Child's Perspective" featured on LAB Enjoy the Ride: Essential Bicycling Skills (DVD)
is quite good for parents of younger riders.

> very disappointing...

If you want a slower paced, less technical view, try "Cyclist's Eye View: Driving Your Bicycle in Traffic" also on Enjoy the Ride: Essential Bicycling Skills (DVD). While this information fails to fulfill your hopes or expectations I find it extremely informative and well done!

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