Thursday, November 13, 2008

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bikesgonewild- There is only one way to establish a 'bike culture' in this country- get out and bike. Whenever I take the kids out to ride, which is almost everyday as I have just about abandoned my car, I get a lot of comments. Most of the time, people are really surprised that kids can be taught the rules of the road and how to ride safely for themselves and others. Those in the community who already ride the streets are always thrilled to see young kids out doing the same thing and usually wave to them or give them a thumbs up. Drivers are good about giving them space and time.

Every once in awhile, someone feels the need to lecture me about how dangerous it is and they would never allow their kids.... I just smile and let them know we are glad we are not missing out on the fun.

It is easy to become terrified of the world from the safety of the couch. When people lose touch of how to move with their bodies, they become afraid of the world and try to project it on others. That is where so many VC's can get a bit strident, because they dislike other's projecting fear onto them. When the discussion comes away from 'safety' and moves to 'practicality', we will find the two sides come together more and more to find solutions that work for everyone.

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