Thursday, January 17, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Steve Jobs keynote @ MacWorld.

MarvinK has left a new comment on your post "Steve Jobs keynote @ MacWorld":

OK, the new MacBook Air and Time Capsule are cool... but NOTHING else about the whole keynote was.

Google maps has been doing the cell tower triangulation on a wide range of other devices for a while. Movie rentals at $4-5/each.. I already get that on my game console and satellite TV--for similarly ridiculous prices. Not really cool at all.. especially given Netflix offer. Least cool of everything? The $20 surcharge for iPod Touch users to get applications that ALWAYS should have been there. I guess any keynote was going to pale in comparison to last year--but I thought the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV announcements weren't even worth mentioning at a keynote.

How about a G3 iPhone that you can tether to your MacBook Air (since no internal cell support)? Maybe next year...

Posted by MarvinK to Cyclelicious at 1/17/2008 01:14:00 PM