Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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Yeah, I saw this too. In general, I'm grateful for any coverage of bicycling; even if it's not entirely favorable. It's better to be noticed than ignored.

I might have preferred to see more from Leah Shahum--who is intelligent, responsible, and leads a 10,000-member organization--rather than so much from Rob Anderson, who is, as described in the article, a wingnut. The writer actually did a reasonably good job portraying him as a lonely eccentric, and the article illustrates a real problem of our polity when such lone nut jobs can derail sensible public policies.

Critical Mass is a high-visibility event. However, its traffic impact is minimal--generally causing only a few minutes delay to any individual motorist--compared to the delays routinely caused by the automotive "Critical Mass" each and every day.

Critical Mass as a once-monthly event is also far less significant in San Francisco politics than the everyday advocacy of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, which has been truly effective at gaining significant bicycling enhancements. I hope there's a follow up on this article at some point, with more coverage of the SFBC. (Lord knows I love Critical Mass, but it's clearly lost political significance.)

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