Saturday, November 01, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Nike Hindsight extends peripheral vision.

J has left a new comment on your post "Nike Hindsight extends peripheral vision":

I like the idea, and if they fit and work for me I would buy them. Nike or not. At the end of the day, corporate America has differing degrees of evilness. Just think about arms manufacturers, chemical companies etc. Nike is not quite that evil. And a product like this would need to be marketed by a giant to have any credibility (to not be mistaken for cheap spy glasses) and be able to guarantee supply and distribution to the extent that they may save lives simply through the amount of glasses they sell.
The one thing that does bother me about them? The Nike logo on the tips of the lenses. Surely the logo could have been moved to the frame so that even more of the lens could be utilised for the mirror effect?

Posted by J to Cyclelicious at 11/01/2008 05:55:00 PM