Wednesday, May 16, 2007

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Dangers of Bike Lanes.

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Blaming a bike lane for an accident caused by an irresponsible truck driver? Now that's irresponsible!

Of course the article notes that Ryan may have been riding too fast, ignoring avoidable risks, etc. THUS no amount of quick turn skill would have been sufficient to avoid injury when one rides irresponsibly. The truck driver should have checked his side view mirror before turning right. Again these factors have nothing to do with bike lanes and has everything to do with individual responsibility.

Ryan is not required by law to limit his mobility to the bike lane and to suggest otherwise is misleading at best. Many drivers are unaware of the rights of cyclists and no additional amount of education to cyclists will change what noncyclists don't understand.

Most roads as currently constructed are not "elegant" at all. As John A has stated before, "bike lanes only complicate an already elegant system that allows users of all vehicles to share the road without conflict". This statement is ABSURD!

Who thinking clearly can deny that cyclists have an inherent disadvantage due to their weight, size, lack of speed and visibility... all of which are potential sources of conflict?

An open minded and informative post would have incorporated a more thorough description and purpose of bike lanes and how they are to be marked and designed. Because of the inherent conflicts, there is much controversy and debate.

John A's prescription is not what Ken Kifer advised: "We need to discuss how to get more people bicycling, and we need to discuss the problems that prevent them from doing so... this group will promote bicycling as transportation, all people who ride bicycles on a regular basis are welcome, and all kinds of bicycling are considered desirable."


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