Thursday, May 10, 2007

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John A., in a "perfect world" I would agree, but this may surprise you but most of us don't live in such a world. By the way, this phrase "pw" has real meaning and to understand look at how biking is being seriously damaged in St. Louis.

As exemplified by cities in the US and around the world that have successfully integrated cycling into transportation, bike lanes are important for numerous reasons.

Bike lanes don't prevent STR but do enhance the ability to include bike planners in the process of street design and construction. In addition, these lanes are constant reminders to vehicles that cyclists have rights too! In other words, these lanes serve as continuing education!

As you admit, bike lanes are too often poorly designed as are our streets. Complete streets addresses these issues but THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN INHERENT CONFLICT between motorized vehicles and pedestrian-cyclists. This is a fact and is recognized as such for obvious reasons. Successful planners incorporate this fact into their plans which help creates friendlier environments for all road users.

Like you, I'll ride on any street but I have been riding for over fifty years. However, I know that my wife and many friends will not comfortably ride on streets without bike lanes. Your personal view is not helping them and its pervasiveness is preventing the cycling world from having needed riders to create more critical mass.

Perhaps drivers in your area are much more considerate than in our area and you're fortunate. Gee I wish you were right but numerous studies and successful cities say otherwise.


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