Friday, November 30, 2007

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SNork... if you'd scrolled down... it's been one or two haikus per day this week. "Verbose" is one of my nicknames...
I looked hard at that Breezer back when I was shown a Gazelle parked outside The BRead Company a few years back and I was inspired to find A Real Commuter Bike. I liked lots about it, but for that price I want brakes that will work in the rain - heck, I want an *enclosed* chain. I do wish my real Gazelle were a few pounds lighter.
I watched some of the earlier forays into 'commuter bike' world and most of what they had to offer were basically road bikes or hybrids with fenders stuck on. I got the strong impression that the goal was to have a bike that "you can ride this to work sometimes, too," which seems to be how most people have defined bicycle commuting until recently. Kudos to the Weather Channel for having Jorma Duran go to a Chicago bike shop promoting all-year cycling as transportation and . Don't know if Jorma's lame "well, I got rid of my bicycle when I came here so I am not going to be part of this movement" helps (because he implies that he could or should) or hinders (good grief, get a bike!).
But hey, there is something we can do... Maybe they keep track of how many hits their assorted videos get. How about a lot of people go and *see* the "ride a bike in winter" video at (look under 'top stories')the weather channel site

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