Sunday, November 11, 2007

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Bike lanes don't educate people. Education educates people.

"Share the Road" signs do remind motorists that bikes are out there and have a legal place on the road. Driver education that includes the rights and responsibilities of cyclists will educate all road users about the cyclist's place among them.

I have had numerous brushes with misinformed law enforcement officials, but have also had some wonderful support from others in that profession.

A police officer once pulled me over on a state highway and told me I wasn't supposed to be on it because of its speed limit. He was wrong, but I didn't have time to argue, because it was also late in the day and I needed to get home before sunset. He grudgingly allowed me to continue, but only if I rode at the far edge of the debris-strewn shoulder. I did this until he was out of sight. Then I sprinted back up to 25+ mph at the right edge of the travel lane, as I had been before.

After this incident I always carried at least one copy of the state laws pertaining to cyclists, so I could hand it to the next well-meaning but poorly-trained peace officer.

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