Tuesday, July 15, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on 21.6% inflation.

SiouxGeonz has left a new comment on your post "21.6% inflation":

T Boone, indeed... (shudder.)

When we wanted to go to the moon, our "leadership" wasn't quite as thoroughly corrupt as it is now, I don't believe.
It takes leadership to inspire people to do that odd thing of working together and sacrificing; without it the "each man for himself" stuff takes over and then we have "nothing to fear but fear itself" - which is, alas, something worthy of fear.

Part of me wonders wehther there isn't *some* way to surprise people into discovering that we no, honestly, really DO NOT have to be this dependent!!! (like having us actually survive a few days without gasoline...)

Posted by SiouxGeonz to Cyclelicious at 7/15/2008 09:41:00 PM