Monday, August 04, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Cycling in Los Angeles vs Portland.

Nathan has left a new comment on your post "Cycling in Los Angeles vs Portland":

I try to bike commute as much as I can here in the Chicago suburbs. I enjoy it every time. I am lucky that I have a bike path along the Fox River for about 10 miles of my 15 mile trip.I can use it from April to November. I don't really have to contend much with traffic. I just cross a few busy streets.

I would say that the bike infrastructure has a long way to go, there are a lot of routes that would require bravery, and in winter it would be insane because the suburban bike paths aren't maintained year round. However, this year I'm seeing more bike commuters than ever, so perhaps things will change.

I used to live in LA and the distances that most people travel there are really the biggesst problem. Everything seemed like it was at least 40 min. by car.

Posted by Nathan to Cyclelicious at 8/04/2008 06:17:00 PM