Saturday, August 02, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Exxon Mobil boycott.

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Every 1% of Americans that commute by bike for 50% of their travel save 1.6 billion dollars in gasoline spending every year.

Some justifications here

Every person that says it cannot be done is not helping anything, just get on your bike more and let the car gather dust. It is an amazing sensation the first time you look at your car and realize it has been 3 days since you drove it.

a 10 mile bike ride takes a novice an hour, and 40 minutes for an experienced cyclist, (30 minutes if you get really good and do not have a lot of hills to climb).

How far is your commute? Less than 10 miles? Do not judge by minutes, use a mapping service, like

I think you would be surprised.

Oh and as far as the speed of the mighty car? Here in Austin where we have a lot of highways I get a whopping 28mph average speed. In london the average speed in a car is 7 or 8mph. Similar for New York City. Every time you sit at a stoplight you average 0mph, and if school has taught us anything, it is that when you average a 0 and a 100 you get a failing grade. 0's REALLY hurt, the higher the number it averages against, the more it hurts.

If we reduce demand we will affect the price, gasoline hopefully will never get really cheap again and hopefully will get prohibitive to buy, maybe then we will see more bicycles and other forms of transportation on the road, I think the golf cart would make a great EV. It goes about as fast as a bicycle. You just need a few extra batteries to extend the trip.

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