Saturday, August 02, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Traffic safety: If you can't see, the speed limit ....

Adriel has left a new comment on your post "Traffic safety: If you can't see, the speed limit ...":

We had a cyclist killed here about a month ago, and there has been quite a debate going on in the comment section of the newspaper article.

The woman said she could not see the cyclist because the sun was in her eyes. She was not charged.

Several motorists have maintained that he should not have been there and it was his fault for even being on the road, and any cyclist in any roadway can pretty much expect that one day they will die on the road when there are cars about.

anyway I posted what the officer said about the speed being zero when visibility is zero.

The article is Here

You may also find my article about visibility and driving interesting.

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