Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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4000 meters is not that long a ride. Pursuit is a balls-out proposition in a big gear, in which the bulk of the pedaling probably would fall into the strongest power zone: the front of the pedal stroke.

Out in the real world I guarantee I pull up as well as push down. I can tell because of how my muscles fatigue. I also consciously shift the effort around the pedal stroke to move the strain.

I have used slotted cleats on old-school cycling shoes for road riding. I might have gone to step-ins in the 1980s, but I got out of racing. Toeclip pedals let me get some extra power and security out of street shoes and full power with cleats. I do snug them, having mastered the track stand early-on to avoid having to drop the landing gear at stops.

Toe straps feel like "feet belts" to keep my feet securely on the pedals. But wait: you anti-helmet folks probably think seat belts are BS too.:-P

At some intersections or on some days I can't do a reliable track stand. That calls for creativity or a quick departure if I can arrange it. For instance, at one spot on my regular route I used to grab a handy street sign to perch. In any case, having both feet on the pedals ready to go got me away from lights way ahead of the motorists (especially the ones pausing to dump their car ashtrays in the street).

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