Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Real Estate showings by bike.

Patrick has left a new comment on your post "Real Estate showings by bike":

This is great to read about. I have been doing some showings here in Chicago at my listings via bike since last year and I definitely have been thought of as crazy by some in our car-centric industry. I also have taken a client out on the back of a tandem for an open house Sunday tour and had some clients out last year on the tandem while I rode solo. Great fun and they bought a house....but we drove to that one :(
I also was showing my places via scooter for the past 5 years and I think that confused fellow agents more than the bicycle...but not anymore.

Posted by Patrick to Cyclelicious at 9/10/2008 02:06:00 PM