Monday, October 27, 2008

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Pedal powered snowplow.

SiouxGeonz has left a new comment on your post "Pedal powered snowplow":

I do understand that you want new perspectives (hence my comment that I wouldn't want to exclude anybody).

My confusion starts when transportation bikes are defined by what they're not, somehow. "In contrast to cycling enthusiasts like myself though, the average person who may just be starting to entertain the thought of bike commuting to save money or reduce their carbon footprint, isn't looking for a hard workout or a personal best time to the office. ... They don't want or need a trickle down version of a racing bike; they are looking for something that is specifically designed to meet their transportation needs- a bike that is easy to use, comfortable, and efficient, but also fun."
"Trickle down racing bikes" are a recurring frustration ... but probably much more so to currently practicing practical cyclists than the ones who haven't done it yet.
Granted, just like a musical instrument, the entry level instrument of choice is different than when one develops skills and specific tastes... so are you looking for an "entry level bike to learn on?"
Like an awful lot of folks, I don't think bike design is what keeps the masses from riding, and I'm not sure why their/our needs would be different from current practitioners of practical cycling. It's an interesting thought, though! The cognitive equivalent of those little fret stickers that go on guitars to tell you where to put your fingers for each chord - can we do that for a bicycle?
And how about that OnStar?

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