Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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We are like soup or soup ingredients. We rub off on each other, even if we are unique. I try to be curry instead of tofu in the mix :-) Whether it's The MEdia or Your Momma, it isn't in current fashion to do things because it's right. I believe there's an undercurrent of fear that we really can't afford to do that; that there really isn't enough to go around, so if we share, we'll end up with Nothing 'cause we're the sucker. (Okay, I recently read The Road in preparation for GITAP's Velosophie, which is a pretty insipid, too-long book but that's one theme... and in the soup it has rubbed off a little on me.)
Unlike soup I can resist it, though - but that soup is also an arteryin the bloodstream of life, and it's best to resist in ways that don't activate the antibodies of fear that make others surround you with white blood cells and nullify you...
FDR was right. We have nothign to fear but fear itself. That fear really can take us down. Fear not to simplify.

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