Saturday, June 16, 2007

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Text of the New Jersey QR Bill.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy has left a new comment on your post "Text of the New Jersey QR Bill":

The problem is that the bill language is very, very ambiguous. In two locations it seems to exclude specialty adult bicycles and then in the ammended section it seems to add them back in. Nobody at the New Jersey assembly seemed to know what the answer was. One staffer at the office of one assembly person believed that the "lawyer tabs" on the fork would be sufficient as a "secondary retention device"... but that he was totally unsure and was also seeking clarification on the point, as he'd taken countless calls about the bill that morning.

What we have is a proposed bill that is vague and ambiguous at best. The language that gets me was the part about retention devices that are "not yet commercially available". WTF?

At first read, it would seem that the bill excludes adult specialty bikes, but the language is self-contradicting as you read further along. Suffice it to say, it makes sense to call and urge folks in New Jersey to oppose the bill.

Posted by Tim Jackson- Masi Guy to Cyclelicious at 6/16/2007 10:45:00 AM