Tuesday, July 24, 2007

[Cyclelicious] New comment on TdF Stage 15: Eye of the Tiger.

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Suite au contrôle positif du Kazakh Alexandre Vinokourov, révélé par L'Equipe, la formation Astana dont il était le leader a décidé de quitter le Tour, mardi lors de la journée de repos.

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PAU, France - Tour de France rider Alexandre Vinokourov tested positive for a banned blood transfusion after winning last weekend's time trial, prompting his Astana team to pull out of the race.

The positive test of the Kazakh rider, a one-time favorite to win cycling's premier event, dealt a heavy blow to a sport already reeling from a spate of doping scandals.

"Vino has tested positive having to do with a blood transfusion and the team is leaving the Tour," team spokeswoman Corinne Druey said, using the rider's nickname.


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