Sunday, October 21, 2007

[Cyclelicious] New comment on Tipping the wrench?.

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Wrenching in place where slow turnaround can ruin someone's vacation, we often get tips. Much of our service is on the spot, or within a few hours, which people aren't accustomed to. They feel like they've gotten exceptional treatment, and we like to think they have.

However, we've agreed upon our own commie system of tip distribution. It all goes in a tip jar, and that goes for shared snacks and beverages. We found that otherwise some wrenches would play to the tips, neglecting the dreary work of tuning rental bikes in favor of schmoozing high-end customers. A smarmy enough wrench can get tipped out like a waiter. The tip jar keeps otherwise rational mechanics from embarrassing themselves over handouts.

Tips are appreciated, and we appreciate the thought behind gifts, especially beer that you brought from somewhere other than here (I live in Utah). However, let me echo that civility and sociability go much further than trying to grease my palm (it's already greasy). The last customer on my service list is the one who tries to bribe his way to the front of the line, on the assumption that I'm tacky and desperate enough to engage in that conspirarcy. Like many mechanics I know, I'm unimpressed by affluence.

Bicycle mechanics aren't paid well, even as the work gets more technical, but we don't have our own, extra-low minimum wage like servers do. So tipping is not expected, but gratitude and kindness are always welcome. If your express those things with cash, that's fine too.
Happy Trails,
Ron Georg

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